Transportation Law


Lex Concordia works with shippers, carriers, freight forwarders, consignees, and brokers in both transactional and litigation matters. Our transactional practice focuses on drafting contracts, reviewing tariffs, and counseling on insurance and corporate procedures, while our litigation practice focuses on loss and damage claims, freight rate and charge disputes, and securing payment through carrier liens. We realize that most of your problems will require immediate legal assistance given the time-sensitive nature of the transportation industry, so we take great pride in our ability to provide fast and detailed answers.

Importing and Exporting

Lex Concordia works with importers and exporters to ensure compliance with United States Customs. We work to help you establish import and export procedures that meet your legal obligations, draft entry documents for your goods with a port director at the goods’ port of entry, and handle claims made by Customs arising from examination of entry goods/documents. We work with your specific business needs to minimize your international transportation costs and maximize your profits.

Domestic and International Contracts

Lex Concordia assists in drafting, reviewing, and enforcing domestic and international contracts involved in the transportation of goods. For example, the purchase and sales agreements used by shippers when selling goods to buyers will help define when title to the goods passes, who bears the risk for the goods during loading, transportation, and unloading, as well as who will pay the cost of freight and insurance. We customize our contracts based on your specific needs considering things such as when title should be transferred to minimize your inventory taxes, avoiding the risk of loss or damage in transit or storage in high-risk areas and ports, and avoiding payment of insurance premiums on goods sold to buyers. We draft contracts so that you are aware of the legal implications of the terms you are using from both a domestic and international perspective and how a court will likely treat the terms of your agreement in the event of a dispute.

Loss and Damage Claims

The transportation of cargo and goods involves a number of potential legal concerns and liability questions that may arise in the event of lost cargo, damage, or non-delivery. Whether we are defending a freight transportation company, providing representation to a shipper whose goods were damaged, delayed, or lost, or advising an intermediary who wants to avoid personal liability for damaged cargo, we will always provide you with legal advice customized to your business’ specific needs to reach a cost-effective and efficient resolution of your cargo loss dispute. We work with you not only to handle a loss and damage claim after it arises, but we also work with you to draft contracts to mitigate damages in advance of a claim and implement procedures to be prepared once a claim occurs.

Freight Rate and Charge Disputes

Lex Concordia recognizes that unrecovered claims have a direct impact upon your bottom line. If your company operates at 2 percent profit margin, then you would need to generate another $50,000 in sales for every $1,000 that you are wrongly charged and do not recover. We assist shippers in filing claims with carriers in a timely manner to put the carrier on notice and to preserve your claim for future litigation if needed. We recognize that disputes over freight charges are usually complex and very fact-specific. As such, we take the time to understand both the nature of your business and your dispute to provide you with the best strategy to recover what you are owed in a cost-effective and efficient manner that fits your business’ needs.